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The Arctic's Changing Climate and Economics

The Arctic has long been home to the native Inuit, and a holy grail to adventurers and scientists. In the 21st Century, it is a land of much sought after resources by commercial global industries. Yet in modern times, no place on the planet is experiencing the effects of climate change faster than the Arctic. This program, The Arctic's Changing Climate and Economics, explores the dramatic changes brought about by climate change to the Arctic's ecosystems, climate, geopolitics and economics.
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  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
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The Arctic's Changing Climate and EconomicsRunning time is 29 minutes

Chapter List
Chapter 1: What is the Arctic?
The Arctic, an area inside a circular line on the globe known as the Arctic Circle, lies in the northern hemisphere and contains the Arctic Ocean.
Chapter 2: Polar Ice
The Arctic is largely defined by its ice cap, sea ice and polar ice.
Chapter 3: Arctic Geopolitics
After the Arctic's Northwest Passage was completed by Roald Amundsen and the Northeast Passage was completed by Adolf Erik Nordenskiold, interest in shipping across the top of the world waned until climate change made commercial shipping feasible.
Chapter 4: Arctic Climate
Global warming and ecotourism are endangering the Arctic's ecosystems and its native Inuit communities such as Shishmaref in Alaska.
Chapter 5: New Arctic Economics
The Arctic and its many economic possibilities are the focal point of geopolitics led by the United States, Canada, Norway, Russia, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, China and South Korea.

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