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The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template®, or VPAT®, is a tool used to document a product's conformance with the accessibility standards under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The purpose of the VPAT is to assist Federal contracting officials and other buyers in making preliminary assessments regarding the availability of commercial "Electronic and Information Technology" products and services with features that support accessibility.

Accessibility Statement

The Ambrose Video web site has been re-designed and tested to be in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2.
Download our latest VPAT Compliance statement. If you encounter an accessibility issue, contact us with a description of the issue so we can address it as soon as possible.

Summary of Some of the Main Accessibility Features

  • Structural and navigational aids have been incorporated into the design, such as headings, landmarks, and "skip navigation" links.
  • All images and other non-text elements have alternative text associated with them.
  • All features are functional with a variety of input methods including mouse, keyboard, touch, and voice.
  • Videos have captions and transcripts.
  • Foreground/background color contrast of text and user interface elements complies with WCAG guidance for users with low vision.
  • Form elements have proper labels.
  • Data tables have header cells associated with their respective data cells.
  • Scripts and interactive components follow WCAG guidance and ARIA Authoring Practices, where appropriate.

Overview of Improvements to the Ambrose Video VPAT website

The newest version of the Ambrose Video VPAT website includes several significant improvements. They target general usability, functional enhancements, consideration of newer mobile devices, growing number of Audio Described programs, and most importantly, ADA Section 508 compliance. The VPAT for the State of California was used as a standard for development of the website improvements. The VPAT improvements are required to meet WCAG v2.0, but the Ambrose Video website was improved to meet WCAG version 2.2 standards in most cases. Additionally, there are 3 levels of conformance: A, AA, and AAA.  Ambrose improvements meet at least AA conformance, and AAA conformance in many cases.

Highlights of site-wide enhancements for WCAG2.2 compliance

  1. Consideration for Visual, Physical, and Cognitive impairments
  2. Page Contrast choices:  Default, Night Mode, High Contrast (Black/White, Black/Yellow, Yellow/Black)
  3. Keyboard Navigation using “Skip Menus” and Landmarks
  4. Fixed or Wide Page Layout
  5. Font size increase/decrease and Fixed Width Font
  6. Full implementation of ARIA for Navigation Landmarks, Screen Readers, Form Hints, and Messages

Video Playback

  1. Overall improvement of video playback for WCAG compliance
  2. Closed Captions, allowing user settings for size/style/color
  3. Chapter Selection
  4. Variable Playback speed
  5. Keyboard navigation
  6. “Read-along” playback of transcript while video is playing (created from captions)
  7.  Growing number of Audio Described programs