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Arctic with Bruce Parry

The Arctic is on the point of enormous, irreversible change. In this five part stunning series Bruce Parry journeys around the Arctic Circle to explore the lives of its many peoples in a rapidly changing world and what that means to those who make their lives there. It's the story of the winners and losers in the last great wilderness.
  • Title ID 88-ABP
  • Science, Earth Science, Geology, Physical Science, Social Studies, Anthropology
  • 5 Programs
  • 1 Supplemental File
  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
  • Released in 2014 by BBC
Included Programs
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Included Programs

Episode 1 - SiberiaRunning time is 52 minutes

Episode 1 examines the Sakha horse people and a remote encampment of Eveny reindeer herders in the wild Verkhoyansk Mountains, where these native peoples are embracing the challenges of a post-Soviet Arctic. The show also investigates the ancient shamanic religion of these wild northern lands.

Episode 2 - GreenlandRunning time is 52 minutes

Episode 2 investigates the far north of Greenland, home to the last traditional Inuit hunters who are forced to cope with climate change threatening the Inuit's ancient way of life. But while global warming is causing problems for the hunters, it is providing others with new opportunities, and as the Greenland ice sheet melts, new mineral riches are being revealed.

Episode 3 - AlaskaRunning time is 52 minutes

Episode 3 depicts Alaska, America's last great wilderness, where modern-day pioneers harvest the vast natural wealth of the seas with crab and salmon fishing, while other natural resources, from gold to oil affect ancient native Alaskan traditions, such as the annual whale hunt of the Inupiak people.

Episode 4 - CanadaRunning time is 52 minutes

Episode 4 examines the travels Gwitchin tribe of Northern Canada and their traditional caribou hunt, which is now is now under threat from oil exploration. The episode also heads south to the tar sands of Alberta, home to the second largest oil reserves in the world, to discover how native people cope when the oil industry moves into their territory.

Episode 5 - Northern EuropeRunning time is 52 minutes

Traveling to northern Europe, Episode 5 shows how life is changing little at all for some and vastly for others by examining a remote Russian village, deep within the vast boreal forest, the Saami, reindeer herders of Norway who use snow machines, boats and even helicopters to move their animals, and a remote scientific community in Svalbard where scientists study the fragility of the Arctic ecosystem.

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