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When the Water Tap Runs Dry

This shortage crisis can be prevented if we take appropriate action to find the solutions that will prevent the problem.
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  • History, American History, Political Science, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Economics, Environmental
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  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
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When The Water Tap Runs DryRunning time is 39 minutes

Students will study the effect of climate change on the sources of water in America and the effects on the different geographical regions of the U.S.

Chapter List
Water Shortages
This chapter provides an overview of water shortages as they pertain to the hydrological cycle, freshwater supplies, including underground aquifers and man made reservoirs, drinking water, urban planning, and the over-drafting of water supplies.
Water Supplies
America's water supplies derive from its snow packs and glaciers that are found in its watersheds, drainage basins, and natural watersheds; and they are used in irrigation canals, water supply projects, and even flood control projects, all of which are impacted by droughts such as the severe drought in California.
Water Infrastructure
America's water infrastructure, includes aquifers, municipal water districts, water treatment plants, and reservoirs, and is used to provide irrigation to farming areas such as the Imperial Valley, Central Valley and Idaho's Magic Valley, all of which will be affected by water shortages.
Global Warming and Water Shortages
Global warming or climate change will affect glaciers and snow packs, as well as cause weather extremes, including floods and droughts, like agricultural drought and hydrological drought, and floods, which in turn will affect America's Northeast, the Desert Southwest, and other parts of the country, such as California, the Central Valley, Las Vegas and the Sierra Nevadas, with water shortages, necessitating water restrictions, and decisions on water rights, irrigation, on rivers like the Co
Water Shortage Solutions
Water Shortage, water infrastructure, water use conflicts, America's water, water rights, climate change, water conservation, the green economy, and the adaptive flex economy are discussed in this chapter.

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"This informative documentary warns us not to take the ready availability of water for granted. The film begins with a visual and factual exploration of watersheds and drainage basins before hydrologists, engineers, physicists, and environmental scientists discuss how natural water flow is diverted, explain ways that cities acquire and treat water, talk about wastewater disposal, and provide other information about water supplies and shortages. Colorful maps and close-up and panoramic shots of national watersheds lend support to experts' arguments that changing climate, aging and poorly planned hydrologic infrastructure, extended draining of aquifers, increased water usage in desert locations, and other practices resulted in drought conditions in various states...Educators' guide available online."