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America: Discovery to Revolution

This series of six programs traces the arrival of American Indians who came as refugees from an Ice Age, the Spanish who landed as conquerors, the French, who arrived as traders, the English, who cameas settlers and religious freedom seekers.
  • Title ID 29-ADR
  • History, American History, Social Studies, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Minority Achievement
  • 6 Programs
  • 7 Supplemental Files
  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
  • Published by Cromwell
Included Programs
Supplemental Files

Included Programs

Discovery and the Spanish FrontierRunning time is 25 minutes

Kate Harper presents the discovery of the New World by Amerigo Vespucci and Christopher Columbus, who was aided by Queen Isabella of Spain, as well as Spanish exploration, Spanish colonies, the Spanish Empire and the Conquistadors, Ponce de Leon, Amerigo Vespucci, Cabeza de Vaca, Hernando De Soto and Francisco Coronado, all of whom who were searching for the fabulous wealth of the Seven Cities of Cibola.

Discovery and the French FrontierRunning time is 26 minutes

Kate Harper presents the New World and the creation of the North American French Empire through French colonies and explorations led by men such as Jacques Marquette, Louis Joliet and Robert La Salle.

The Pilgrim FrontierRunning time is 25 minutes

Kate Harper discusses the New World, English exploration, English colonies, British Empire, Puritans, Pilgrims, William Bradford, Jamestown, Plymouth Plantation and Squanto, who helped the Pilgrims to survive.

The Dutch FrontierRunning time is 25 minutes

Kate Harper presents Dutch Colonies, Dutch exploration, Dutch Empire, which were part of the Dutch Golden Age, as well as the important historical figures Henry Hudson, Peter Minuit, and Peter Stuyvesant, who were responsible for the founding of New Amsterdam, which later became England's New York colony.

The Puritan FrontierRunning time is 26 minutes

Kate Harper presents the English exploration of the New World and the original twelve English Colonies, which would form the beginnings of the British Empire, as well as significant places and people, including Roanoke, Croatan, Pocahontas, John Smith, Jamestown, Puritans, Old Boston, and the Pequots.

The American RevolutionRunning time is 26 minutes

Kate Harper presents the significant places, events and people that led the English colonists to declare a, including the Stamp Act, the Sons of Liberty, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Battle of Lexington and concord, the Declaration of Independence, and military leaders John Burgoyne, General Howe, and George Washington.

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