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Life After Oil: The New Energy Alternatives

The challenge for our future is to make use of alternative sources of energy to replace our dependence on fossil fuels: oil and coal. Right now, such sources are right before us. All we need to do is to scale up what already exists in the laboratory. This program shows how we can do this through technological innovation and will power.
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  • Political Science, Science, Biology, Social Studies, Geography, Economics, Environmental
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  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
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Life After Oil: The New Energy AlternativesRunning time is 32 minutes

Energy Alternatives or alternative energy are ways to replace using fossil fuels.

Chapter List
Wind Power
Wind power uses wind turbines to create electricity.
Fuel Cells
Fuel cells use hydrogen to run cars.
Hydrogen Fuel
Hydrogen fuel can be used to run cars.
Ethanol is an alternative gasoline.
Thermal chemical conversion converts biomass to energy.
Solar energy comes from the sun and can produce enough power for the entire planet.

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