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The Genius of Latine Dance

Latine dance is thriving like never before across the Americas and beyond, becoming one of the most admired dance styles in the world. Rooted in passion, rhythm and community, it embodies the spirit of Latine culture, creating a sense of identity and belonging at carnivals, birthdays, weddings, and festivals. From lively Salsa to fast-paced Merengue, these dances connect generations, passing down traditions that are essential to each culture's history. In the 21st century, Latine dance has evolved, blending multimedia elements, innovative choreographies, hip-hop influences, and Latine entrepreneurship in music. Join us in "The Genius of Latine Dance," a five-part series celebrating over 500 years of extraordinary tradition, creativity, and the unstoppable rhythm of Latine dance!
  • Title ID 205-LAD
  • American History, American Indian Studies, Minority Achievement
  • 5 Programs
  • 1 Supplemental File
  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
  • Published by Ambrose Video Publishing Inc./Centre Communications
Included Programs
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Included Programs

Program 1: Indigenous RootsRunning time is 26 minutes

Discover in Program One: “Indigenous Roots,” how the rich pre-Columbian cultures shaped the rhythms that still captivate us today in Latine dance.

Program 2: African RootsRunning time is 25 minutes

Uncover the indomitable spirit of West Africa in Latine dance in "Program Two: African Roots," where the rhythms of liberation defied oppression and shaped a cultural legacy.

Program 3: Latine Partner DancesRunning time is 28 minutes

Discover in Program Three: “Latine Partner Dances” how partner dances came to be a major part of Latine cultures across the globe. See how they celebrate life's joys and free the spirit through such dances as Salsa, Merengue, and Chicano/Tex-Mex styles.

Program 4: Latine Social DanceRunning time is 25 minutes

Join us for Program 4: “Latine Social Dance.” Experience Carnival and Chicano folkloric dance, vibrant celebrations uniting communities and preserving historical traditions while innovating for the future.

Program 5: Stage, Screen, and Dance CompaniesRunning time is 26 minutes

In Program Five: 'Stage, Screen, and Dance Companies,' we present the impact of Latino and Hispanic dance companies like Ballet Folklórico and Ballet Hispánico, and pioneers in Latine performance dances on the world stage and the future of Latine dance.

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