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From Computers to Artificial Intelligence: A History

In the first program, 1936 to 1951, Alan Turing lays the groundwork for the creation of the modern computer and John Von Neumann creates the working architecture of all computers going forward. However, the technological breakthrough that changed everything was the invention of the transistor in 1947. This program also explores how the building of large mainframe computers helped develop the hydrogen bomb, how the commercial aspect of computers could be exploited, and how, from the beginning, computers opened up the possibility of artificial intelligence.
  • Title ID 201-CAI
  • Science, Economics
  • 7 Programs
  • 1 Supplemental File
  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
  • Released in 2021 by Ambrose Video Publishing Inc./Centre Communications
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Included Programs

Program 1: 1936 - 1951Running time is 25 minutes

In the first program, 1936 to 1951, we shall see how the architecture of the modern computer came into existence and learn how the transistor was the breakthrough component that made the digital computer a household item.

Chapter List
1936 - Alan Turing's Universal Computing Machine
1938 - Chester Floyd Carlson Invents the Photocopy Machine
1943 - John Von Neumann Invents the Modern Computer Architecture
1947 - The Transistor: The Greatest Technological Invention
1950 - UNIVAC: The First Major Commercial Computer
1951 - Marvin Minsky and Dean Edmunds Build SNARC, the First Artificial Neural Network

Program 2: 1952 - 1964Running time is 26 minutes

In the second program, 1952 to 1964, computer-programming languages take a leap forward and semiconductors replace tubes as the main switching component in computers.

Chapter List
1952 - Bill Daniels Cable TV
1952 - Grace Hopper Creates COBOL
1953 - Remington Rand Releases the First Open-source Software
1955 - John McCarthy Coins the Terms "Artificial Intelligence"
1958 - Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce Invent the Integrated Circuit
1963 - General Electric's Release of IDS - the First Database
1964 - Moore's Law

Program 3: 1964 - 1975Running time is 27 minutes

In the third program, 1964 to 1979, computer programs become patentable, email becomes a reality and Bill Gates and Paul Allen found Microsoft, one of the Giants of the digital age.

Chapter List
1964 - Thomas J. Watson Jr. Announces IBM's 360 Mainframe Computer
1968 - The First Software Patent is Issued
1969 - J.C.R. Licklider Brings the Internet into Existence
1971 - Ray Tomlinson Invents Email
1972 - Allan Alcorn Initiates the Video Game Industry
1975 - Bill Gates and Paul Allen Found Microsoft

Program 4: 1976 - the 1990sRunning time is 27 minutes

In the fourth program, 1976 to 1993, Apple Computers is founded, the World Wide Web becomes a reality and artificial intelligence takes baby steps forward.

Chapter List
1976 - Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Story
1979 - VisiCalc, the First Electronic Spreadsheet
1980 - Ted Turner Launches CNN
1981 - Explanation Based Learning (EBL) is Introduced by Gerald Dejong
1989 - World Wide Web is Invented Tim Berners-Lee
The 1990s Machine Learning Shifts from Knowledge-driven to Data-driven

Program 5: 1994 - 2002Running time is 26 minutes

In the fifth program, 1994 to 2002, the Internet boom comes online with the founding of tech giants including Yahoo … Amazon … Google … And eBay. At the same time computers make it possible for robots to make their way into manufacturing and the home.

Chapter List
1994 - Jerry Yang Co-founds Yahoo!
1994 - AT&T's PersonaLink Services Introduces "The Cloud"
1994 - Jeff Bezos Founds Amazon
1997 - Pierre Omidyar Changes His Company's Name to eBay
1998 - Google is Founded
2002 - The First Robot for the Home

Program 6: 2003 - 2013Running time is 27 minutes

In the sixth program, 2003 to 2013, social media takes center stage in people’s lives … Deep learning becomes a reality … And the new digital economy disrupts existing industries, such as hospitality … News … And transportation.

Chapter List
2003 - Mark Zuckerberg Launches Facebook
2005 - Blogging YouTube's Video Sharing Democratizes Traditional Media
2006 - Geoffrey Hinton Coins the Term "Deep Learning"
2009 - Google Maps uses Artificial Intelligence to Control Traffic Flow
2013 - Sharing Economy Pioneers Airbnb and Uber
2013 - Netflix' Reed Hastings Produces "House of Cards"

Program 7: 2015 - 2021Running time is 26 minutes

In the seventh program, 2014 to 2021, people all over the world hold a supercomputer in their hands … Self-driving vehicles take to the road … Quantum computers become a reality … And humans begin merging with the digital technology they have created.

Chapter List
2015 - Over Two Thirds of Amercians Own Smartphones
2015 - Jack Dorsey is Renamed CEO of Twitter
2015 - Economic Disruptors: Wikipedia and Craigslist
2017 - Self-driving Trucks Hit the Road
2017 - Bitcoin Reaches a Value of 19,783
2019 - Quantum Computers Become Practical
2021 - Elon Must Announces Breakthrough in BCI (Brain Computer Interface)

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