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Connections 1

This ten volume series was made in 1978 by turning science into a detective story, James Burke creates a series that will fascinate students and adults alike. This interdisciplinary approach has never before been applied to history or science and it succeeds tremendously. Winner of the Red Ribbon in the American Film Festival, the scope of the series covers 19 countries and 150 locations, requiring over 14 months of filming.
  • Title ID 18-CN
  • History, World History, Science, Social Studies
  • 10 Programs
  • 11 Supplemental Files
  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
  • Published by The BBC
Included Programs
Supplemental Files

Included Programs

The Trigger EffectRunning time is 50 minutes

Death in the MorningRunning time is 50 minutes

Distant VoicesRunning time is 50 minutes

Faith in NumbersRunning time is 50 minutes

The Wheel of FortuneRunning time is 50 minutes

Thunder in the SkiesRunning time is 50 minutes

The Long ChainRunning time is 50 minutes

Eat Drink and Be MerryRunning time is 50 minutes

CountdownRunning time is 50 minutes

Yesterday, Tomorrow and YouRunning time is 50 minutes

Supplemental Files

MARC Records for CN
MARC records for the series Connections 1
Transcription for The Trigger Effect
Transcription for Death in the Morning
Transcription for Distant Voices
Transcription for Faith in Numbers
Transcription for The Wheel of Fortune
Transcription for Thunder in the Skies
Transcription for The Long Chain
Transcription for Eat Drink and Be Merry
Transcription for Countdown
Transcription for Yesterday, Tomorrow and You


"This is another superb example of the genius of James Burke, whose Connections Series has rightly garnered all sorts of awards...This journey will introduce the student to the famous as well as the obscure. This film is a wonderful intellectual romp..."
The American Film and Video Review