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Career Decisions: Physical Therapy - Extended Interviews

Physical Therapy - Extended Interviews is a 10 part series that thoroughly covers the Physical Therapy career for prospective students. Topics include education requirements and suggestions, the best qualities for a physical therapy student to have, and other advice from experts in the field and current PT students.
Mark Reinking, PT, PhD, SCS, ATCRunning Time: 0:00:00

Dr. Reinking discusses the competitiveness of Physical Therapy school, and what prospective students need to do to prepare. He concludes with a personal success story and how Physical Therapy has changed throughout the years.

Chapter List
Alice M. Davis, PT, DPTRunning Time: 0:00:00

Dr. Davis begins by explaining how the Physical Therapy profession has evolved in the past twenty years. Next, she talks about what it takes to become a Physical Therapist and what the career entails. She ends with some personal success stories.

Andrew Littmann, PT, PhDRunning Time: 0:00:00

Dr. Littmann begins by detailing a history of Physical Therapy. He continues by talking about a wide array of applications for Physical Therapy today. He concludes with a personal success story, the responsibility of the Physical Therapist and where the profession is headed in the future.

Andrew Smith, PT, DPT, PhDRunning Time: 0:00:00

Dr. Smith begins by describing the education required and the many benefits of pursuing Physical Therapy as a profession. He goes on to mention the importance of Physical Therapy in the modern medical world, and concludes with a personal success story.

Erika Nelson-Wong, PT, DPT, PhD & Brian Baum, PhDRunning Time: 0:00:00

Dr. Nelson-Wong and Dr. Baum begin by talking specifically about their research at Regis. They go on to define evidence-based practice and conclude by explaining how research helps not only students understand Physical Therapy better but in the rehabilitation of patients as well.

Molly Dennis, DPTRunning Time: 0:00:00

Dr. Dennis begins by talking about what drew her to Physical Therapy and what it takes to finish a graduate program. She continues by mentioning what is expected of a Physical Therapist and concludes by explaining career advancement in the profession.

James LiawRunning Time: 0:00:00

James begins by explaining how he got interested and ultimately into Physical Therapy School. He goes on to describe his training experience so far, and concludes with a look into the future and his most rewarding experience.

Carol PassarelliRunning Time: 0:00:00

Carol starts out by mentioning what drew her to Physical Therapy as a career and what school has been like so far. She concludes with a message to prospective Physical Therapy students.

Geovanni Chavez-PardiniRunning Time: 0:00:00

Geovanni begins by explaining why he got interested in Physical Therapy as a career and how school has been going thus far.  He concludes with a look into the future and what his parents think about his career choice.

Xuan (Lexie) LiuRunning Time: 0:00:00

Lexie starts out by describing how her Physical Therapy school experience has been so far.  She continues by talking about what areas interest her the most, and concludes with a message to prospective students.

Video Programs10
SubjectsScience, Biology, Medicine
Supplemental Files2
Produced By Ambrose Video Publishing Inc./Centre Communications
Copyright ©2017 Ambrose Video Publishing Inc.
Grade Levels12th Grade through Post Secondary
Physical Therapy - Extended Interviews Outline
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