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Neuroscience: Understanding the Brain - Extended Interviews

Neuroscience: Understanding the Brain - Extended Interviews is a 14-part series that takes the viewer in depth with the leading brain experts from America's top research institutions. The series provides a comprehensive overview of basic brain structures, how the brain works at the cellular level, its evolution and development from birth to death, nervous system diseases and pathologies, and the brain computer interface.
  • Title ID 131-NEX
  • Science, Biology, Core Science, Medicine, Nursing
  • 14 Programs
  • 16 Supplemental Files
  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
  • Published by Ambrose Video Publishing Inc./Centre Communications
Included Programs
Supplemental Files

Included Programs

Polina Anikeeva, PhDRunning time is 37 minutes

Marie Banich, PhDRunning time is 33 minutes

Eric Chudler, PhDRunning time is 28 minutes

Deana Davalos, PhDRunning time is 40 minutes

Gaelle Desbordes, PhDRunning time is 20 minutes

Benjamen Filas, PhDRunning time is 23 minutes

David Linden, PhDRunning time is 28 minutes

David Mendelowitz, PhDRunning time is 14 minutes

Sheri J.Y. Mizumori, PhDRunning time is 39 minutes

Chet Moritz, PhDRunning time is 18 minutes

Jeff Neil, PhD MDRunning time is 31 minutes

Rajesh Rao, PhDRunning time is 34 minutes

David Van Essen, PhDRunning time is 38 minutes

Felix Warneken, PhDRunning time is 32 minutes

Supplemental Files

MARC Records for NEX
MARC records for the series Neuroscience: Understanding the Brain - Extended Interviews
Neuroscience - Extended Interviews Outline
Transcription for Polina Anikeeva, PhD
Transcription for Marie Banich, PhD
Transcription for Eric Chudler, PhD
Transcription for Deana Davalos, PhD
Transcription for Gaelle Desbordes, PhD
Transcription for Benjamen Filas, PhD
Transcription for David Linden, PhD
Transcription for David Mendelowitz, PhD
Transcription for Sheri J.Y. Mizumori, PhD
Transcription for Chet Moritz, PhD
Transcription for Jeff Neil, PhD MD
Transcription for Rajesh Rao, PhD
Transcription for David Van Essen, PhD
Transcription for Felix Warneken, PhD