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Ten Who Dared

Prior to World War I, much of our planet was a vast unknown land, characterized by rumor and fantastic stories, and described by epic myths. This amazing ten part series, Ten Who Dared, dramatizes the journeys of ten intrepid explorers whose ambitious and heroic adventures changed the landscape of the unknown world, sorting fact from fiction, myth from reality.
  • Title ID 128-TDD
  • History, American History, World History, Social Studies, Anthropology
  • 10 Programs
  • 1 Supplemental File
  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
  • Released in 1990 by BBC/Time Life Films
Included Programs
Supplemental Files

Included Programs

Christopher ColumbusRunning time is 31 minutes

Francisco PizarroRunning time is 50 minutes

Captain James CookRunning time is 52 minutes

Alexander von HumboldtRunning time is 52 minutes

Jedediah SmithRunning time is 47 minutes

Burke and WillsRunning time is 50 minutes

Henry Morton StanleyRunning time is 50 minutes

Charles DoughtyRunning time is 51 minutes

Mary KingsleyRunning time is 51 minutes

Roald AmundsenRunning time is 52 minutes

Supplemental Files

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