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Termites: The Secret Queens of the Woodlands

The role of subterranean termites in recycling of wood is fundamental for the ecosystem. They are responsible for the disappearance of many tons of decaying wood every season, and all their components are reintroduced into the cycle of life. But, there is a problem. Cellulose and a matrix of lignin, the main components of wood, are not digestible for most of the animals. Their secret is inside them, and viewers will see the myriad of tiny and microscopical living beings that inhabit the intestine of the termites. The tiny symbionts that are capable to break down the molecules of cellulose and to liberate the molecules of sugar for the nourishment of termites.
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Termites: The Secret Queens of the WoodlandsRunning time is 45 minutes

Chapter List
Chapter 1: The Forest: Energy Accumulators
The Forests: Energy Accumulators.
Chapter 2: What are Termites?
What are Termites?
Chapter 3: Why can Termites Feed on Wood?
Why can Termites feed on wood?
Chapter 4: How do these Termites Live?
How do these termites live?

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