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Hidden Biodiversity

A close examination of the community of life within a pond or lake reveals adaptive structures and behaviors that promote survival of any number of species. This series of short videos illuminates the adaptive variations of ciliates, rotifers, water snails, water fleas and mosquitoes. These common creatures, abundant in our world, go mostly unnoticed. Yet, their life cycle and body structures reveal much about the natural world and the delicate balance within it.
  • Title ID 121-BHB
  • Science, Biology, Environmental Science
  • 9 Programs
  • 19 Supplemental Files
  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
  • Published by BioMEDIA Associates
Included Programs
Supplemental Files

Included Programs

CiliatesRunning time is 3 minutes

Feeding of MicroorganismsRunning time is 3 minutes

From Eggshell to Body ShellRunning time is 3 minutes

Locomotion of MicroorganismsRunning time is 3 minutes

Microorganisms in Polluted WaterRunning time is 3 minutes

Mosquitoes, the Double LifeRunning time is 3 minutes

Reproduction of MicroorganismsRunning time is 3 minutes

RotifersRunning time is 3 minutes

Water FleasRunning time is 3 minutes

Supplemental Files

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MARC records for the series Hidden Biodiversity
Hidden Biodiversity - Ciliates
Hidden Biodiversity - Feeding of Microorganisms
Hidden Biodiversity - From Eggshell to Bodyshell
Hidden Biodiversity - Locomotion of Microorganisms
Hidden Biodiversity - Microorganisms in Polluted Water
Hidden Biodiversity - Mosquitos The Double Life
Hidden Biodiversity - Rotifers
Hidden Biodiversity - The Reproduction of Microorganisms
Hidden Biodiversity - Water Fleas
Transcription for Ciliates
Transcription for Feeding of Microorganisms
Transcription for From Eggshell to Body Shell
Transcription for Locomotion of Microorganisms
Transcription for Microorganisms in Polluted Water
Transcription for Mosquitoes, the Double Life
Transcription for Reproduction of Microorganisms
Transcription for Rotifers
Transcription for Water Fleas