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A History of Chinese American Achievement

Eight half-hour shows chronicle the story of Chinese Americans, their culture, their achievements, and their contributions to the United States
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The Chinese Find a New Homeland
  • 600 - Li Yan Chu Writes the First Account of a North American Exploration
  • 1823 - Chinese Entrepreneur Hung Tai Introduces Sugar Mills to Hawaii
  • 1850 - Yee Fung Cheung Pioneers California's Gold Rush
  • 1851 - Chinese Invention Revolutionizes Gold Mining
HCA-001 $25.00/yr
Exclusion and Acceptance
  • 1854 - Yung Wing Becomes the First Chinese American to Graduate From a U.S. College
  • 1854 - Chinese Six Companies Represent All Chinese in the United States
  • 1862 - Chinese Americans Distinguish Themselves in the American Civil War
  • 1865 - Chinese American Laborers Build the Transcontinental Railroad
  • 1882 - Congress Passes the Chinese Exclusion Act
  • 1884 - Joseph and Mary Tape Successfully Challenge San Francisco Public Schools
HCA-002 $25.00/yr
Chinese Americans Spread Their Wings
  • 1886 - San Francisco's Chinese American Laundry Men Sue for Equal Rights
  • 1887 - Doc Hay and Lung On Arrive on the Eastern Oregon Frontier
  • 1888 - Lue Gim Gong, Father of the Florida Citrus Industry
  • 1894 - Polly Bemis, an Angel in Idaho's Wilderness
  • 1906 - San Francisco Earthquake's Impact on the Chinese American Community
HCA-003 $25.00/yr
A New Chinese American Identity Emerges
  • 1911 - U.S. Citizen Sun Yat - Sen Becomes China's First President
  • 1921 - Anna May Wong, First Chinese American Female Hollywood Star
  • 1926 - You Chung Hong Leads the Fight for Chinese American Civil Rights
  • 1935 - Eddy See Initiates Chinese American Artistic Movement
HCA-004 $25.00/yr
Chinese Americans Enter Mainstream Culture
  • 1935 - Katherine Cheung, the Chinese American "Amelia Earhart"
  • 1938 - Charlie Low's Forbidden City Nightclub Showcases Chinese American Performers
  • 1939 - Wah Ming Chang Joins the Disney Studios
  • 1939 - Chinese Americans Answer the Call to Defend Democracy
  • 1943 - Magnuson Act Repeals the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
HCA-005 $25.00/yr
The Chinese American Super Achievers
  • 1946 - Chinese Americans Breakthrough Into U.S. Politics
  • 1957 - Chen Ning Yang and Tsung - Dao Lee Win the Nobel Prize in Physics
  • 1961 - I.M. Pei Designs Avant Garde NCAR Building in Boulder, Colorado
  • 1962 - F. Chow Chan Founds First Chinese American Bank
  • 1971 - Bruce Lee Brings Martial Arts Into American Culture
HCA-006 $25.00/yr
America Embraces Chinese Culture
  • 1974 - Miriam Lee Fights to Legalize Traditional Chinese Medicine in America
  • 1975 - Kingston, Hwang, and Chang the New Wave of Chinese American Writers
  • 1982 - Maya Ying Lin Designs the Vietnam War Memorial
  • 1983 - Andrew and Peggy Cherng Found Panda Express
HCA-007 $25.00/yr
The Modern Chinese American
  • 1989 - Amy Tan Writes The Joy Luck Club
  • 1989 - Chinese Americans Excel at Sports
  • 1991 - John Sie Founds Cable Powerhouse Starz Encore
  • 1994 - Jerry Yang Co - founds Yahoo!
  • 1996 - Time Magazine's Man of the Year is AIDS Researcher David Ho
  • 2004 - Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao Votes From Space in the Presidential Election
  • 2009 - Yo - Yo Ma Performs at Barack Obama's Inauguration
HCA-008 $25.00/yr