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History's Ancient Legacies 3

Through the magic of 3D animation we can see how the Earth's ancient legacies would have looked in their heyday.
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HAL3 $165.00/yr
Individual ProgramsSKUTermPrice
Volume 1: JAPAN
This program tells the story of Japan with emphasis on Buddhism, the Shogun, Kyoto, Samurai, Kubla Khan, Tea Ceremony, and the architecture of stupas and Pagodas.
HAL3-001 $27.50/yr
Volume 2: INDIA
This program tells the story of India, from its beginning is the Indus Valley with the city states of Harappa, Mojenjo Daro, Indus River, to the creation of the Caste system, Hinduism, the warriors of Rajput, sultans and Babur and its most famous monument the Taj Mahal.
HAL3-002 $27.50/yr
This program tells the story of Dark Age England, the Britons, Anglo Saxons, Vikings and memorable leaders such as King Arthur, , King Offa, and King Alfred.
HAL3-003 $27.50/yr
Volume 4: CHINA
This program tells the story of China, the Han and Chou Dynasties and its greatest achievements, including the Great Wall of China, Chinese writing, Terracotta Warriors, and the Forbidden City.
HAL3-004 $27.50/yr
Volume 5: THE CELTS
This program tells the story of the Celts, their leader Brennus, and the Druids.
HAL3-005 $27.50/yr
This program tells the story of the Aztecs, the Aztec Empire, led by Montezuma, and its defeat by Hernan Cortes, as well as the Inca Empire, its citadel at Macchu Picchu, and the defeat of the Inca by Francisco Pizarro.
HAL3-006 $27.50/yr