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Great Irish Authors

This three-part series, Great Irish Authors, presents a clear and penetrating historical analysis of one of the greatest literary traditions in the world.
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Program 1: The Classics
  • 5th Century AD - St. Patrick's Prayer
  • 1726 - Gulliver's Travels, the First Great Irish Novel
  • 1766 - Oliver Goldsmith Publishes The Vicar of Wakefield
  • 1891 - Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray is Published
  • 1897 - Bram Stoker Introduces Dracula to the World
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Program 2: Early 20th Century Authors
  • 1913 - George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion is Performed
  • 1916 - W.B. Yeats, Father of the Irish Literary Revival
  • 1922 - James Joyce, Ulysses
  • 1923 - Sean O'Casey Begins the Dublin Trilogy
  • 1925 - Liam O'Flaherty Wins the James Tait Black Memorial Prize
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Program 3: The New Wave
  • 1941 - Brian O'Nolan Writes an Irish Language Novel
  • 1953 - Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot Premieres
  • 1954 - Dame Iris Murdoch Pens Under the Net
  • 1954 - C.S. Lewis Completes The Chronicles of Narnia
  • 1954 - Brendan Behan's The Quare Fellow Premieres in Dublin
  • 1960 - Edna O'Brien Begins The Country Girls Trilogy
  • 1997 - Frank McCourt Wins the Pulitzer Prize
  • 2009 - Seamus Heaney Reads 'Digging'
GIA-003 $25.00/yr