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Classical European Composers

A new musical biography series exploring the lives, works and influences of the world's greatest European Composers.
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Full Title (includes all individual Programs)
Streaming License includes all individual programs listed below, as well as downloadable supplemental files.
CEC $165.00/yr
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Classical European Composers: BACH - VOLUME 1
This program presents the German and Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach, his fugues and his unique Brandenburg Concertos.
CEC-001 $27.50/yr
Classical European Composers: MOZART - VOLUME 2
This program discusses German and Classical Period composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, his operas, symphonies, chamber music and his compositions Eine Kleine Nacht Music and The Magic Flute.
CEC-002 $27.50/yr
Classical European Composers: HANDEL - VOLUME 3
This program discusses German and Baroque composer George Frederic Handel, his chamber music and his most famous work, Messiah.
CEC-003 $27.50/yr
Classical European Composers: HAYDN - VOLUME 4
This program discusses the Classical Period Viennese composer Franz Joseph Haydn, as well as his string quartet music and his symphonies.
CEC-004 $27.50/yr
Classical European Composers: BEETHOVEN - VOLUME 5
This program discusses German and Romantic composer Ludwig van Beethoven, and his symphonies, string quartet music, opera, and especially his Fifth Symphony and Ninth Symphony.
CEC-005 $27.50/yr
Classical European Composers: VIVALDI - VOLUME 6
This program discusses Italian and Baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi, his fugues, and his famous work Four Seasons.
CEC-006 $27.50/yr