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Core Astronomy

Core Astronomy examines the key points in the development of astronomy, beginning with Greek astronomer Ptolemy's earth centered paradigm to Nicolas Copernicus' introduction of a sun centered solar system, and Isaac Newton's three laws of motion.
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Core Astronomy
  • 130 - 1640 Ptolemy to Galileo
  • 1688 - 1796 Newton to Nebular Theory of the Solar System
  • 1846 - The Planet Neptune is Discovered
  • 1905 - Einstein's Theories of Special and General Relativity
  • 1929 - The Expanding Universe
  • 1963 - Quasars
  • 1967 - Dwarfs; Neutron Stars, Pulsars and Black Holes
  • 1990 - The Great Attractor and Dark Matter
  • 2004 - Organic Material Found on Extrasolar Planet
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