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Visualizing Cell Processes

Each 15 minute video program is a series of short, narrated, full-motion modules each describing an essential process of cell biology.
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Full Title (includes all individual Programs)
Streaming License includes all individual programs listed below, as well as downloadable supplemental files.
BVC $125.00/yr
Individual ProgramsSKUTermPrice
Program 1: Cells and Molecules
Chapter 1: The Cell Machinery Chapter 2: A Variety of Cells Chapter 3: Organic Molecules Chapter 4: Prokaryote Evolution and Diversity Chapter 5: Independently Living Eukaryotic Cells
BVC-001 $25.00/yr
Program 2: Cell Movement and Transport
Chapter 1: Structure and Behavior of the Plasma Membrane Chapter 2: Osmosis Chapter 3: Transport Proteins Chapter 4: Phagocytosis Chapter 5: Pinicytosis Chapter 6: Receptor Mediated Endocytosis Chapter 7: Golgi Function Chapter 8: Lysosomes and Digestion Chapter 9: Microtubules Chapter 10: Cilia Chapter 11: Actin and Myosin Motor Proteins
BVC-002 $25.00/yr
Program 3: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Chapter 1: Glycolysis and Fermentation Chapter 2: Mitochondrion Structure Chapter 3: The Krebs Cycle Chapter 4: Electron Transport Chain and ATP Synthesis. Chapter 5: ATP Synthesis Chapter 6: Chloroplast Structure Chapter 7: The Light-Dependent Reactions Chapter 8: The Light-Independent Reactions
BVC-003 $25.00/yr
Program 4: DNA Replication, Mitosis and Cell Reproduction
Chapter 1: Mitosis: Chromosome Condensation Chapter 2: Mitosis and Cytokinesis Chapter 3: Meiosis Chapter 4: DNA: Nucleotide Structure and Bonding Chapter 5: DNA: Replication Enzymes Chapter 6: DNA: Replicating the Leading and Lagging Strands Chapter 7: DNA: Topoisomerase and the Twisting Problem Chapter 8: DNA: Proofreading and Repair Chapter 9: DNA Review
BVC-004 $25.00/yr
Program 5: The Genetic Code and Its Translation
Chapter 1: The Protein Nature of Life Chapter 2: Protein Structure Chapter 3: Transcription Chapter 4: Translation and the Protein Synthesis Chapter 5: Gene Regulation in Prokaryotes Chapter 6: Exons and Introns Chapter 7: Mutations Chapter 8: HIV: an RNA Virus
BVC-005 $25.00/yr