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Branches on the Tree of Life

The narrated and image bank programs feature new techniques of microscopy, animation, and photography to reveal the structure, process, and behavior in living things.
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Full Title (includes all individual Programs)
Streaming License includes all individual programs listed below, as well as downloadable supplemental files.
BBT $440.00/yr
Individual ProgramsSKUTermPrice
Program 1: The Biology of Plants
Chapter 1: Photosynthesis. Chapter 2: Mosses and Liverworts: Non-vascular plants. Chapter 3: Horsetails and Ferns: Primitive Vascular Plants. Chapter 4: Angiosperms: The flowering plants. Chapter 5: Summary
BBT-001 $27.50/yr
Program 2: The Biology of Viruses
Chapter 1: Discovery and Laboratory Study of Viruses Chapter 2: Virus Replication Chapter 3: Retroviruses (HIV)
BBT-002 $27.50/yr
Program 3: The Biology of Fungi
Chapter 1: What and Where are Fungi Chapter 2: Chytrids Chapter 3: Zygomycetes Chapter 4: Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes Chapter 5: The Lichens Chapter 6: Phylum Basidiomycota Chapter 7: Symmary
BBT-003 $27.50/yr
Program 4: The Biology of Algae
Chapter 1: Algae, What is It? Chapter 2: Chromista Chapter 3: Dinoflagellates Chapter 4: Euglenids Chapter 5: The Green Line of Evolution
BBT-004 $27.50/yr
Program 5: The Biology of Cnidarians
Chapter 1: Cnidarians Chapter 2: Class Hydrozoa Chapter 3: Class Scyphozoa Chapter 4: Class Anthozoa
BBT-005 $27.50/yr
Program 6: The Biology of Rotifers and Nematodes
Chapter 1: Rotifers Chapter 2: Nematodes
BBT-006 $27.50/yr
Program 7: The Biology of Flatworms
Chapter 1: Free-living Flatworms (Class Turbellaria) Chapter 2: Monogenetic Flatworms (Class Monogenea) Chapter 3: Flukes (Class Trematoda) Chapter 4: Tapeworms (Class Cestoda)
BBT-007 $27.50/yr
Program 8: The Biology of Echinoderms
Chapter 1: Phylum Echinodermata Chapter 2: Sea Stars (Asteroidea) Chapter 3: Brittle Stars and Basket Stars (Ophiuroidea) Chapter 4: Sea Urchins and Sand Dollars (Echinoidea) Chapter 5: Sea Cucumbers (Holothuroidea) Chapter 6: Feather Stars (Crinoidea) Chapter 7: Summary
BBT-008 $27.50/yr
Program 9: The Biology of Molluscs
Chapter 1: Phylum Origins and Characteristics Chapter 2: Class Polyplacophors Chapter 3: Class Gastropods Chapter 4: Class Pelecypoda Chapter 5: Class Cephalopda Chapter 6: Summary
BBT-009 $27.50/yr
Program 10: The Biology of Annelids
Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Polychaetes, Class Polychaeta Chapter 3: Oligochaetes, Class Oligochaeta Chapter 4: Leeches and Crayfish Worms, Class Hirundea Chapter 5: Summary and Annelid Evolution
BBT-010 $27.50/yr
Program 11: The Biology of Arthropods
Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Crustaceans Chapter 3: Chelicerates Chapter 4: Uniramians
BBT-011 $27.50/yr
Program 12: The Biology of Chordates
Chapter 1: Introduction to Phylum Chordata Chapter 2: Urochordates Chapter 3: Cephalochordates Chapter 4: Vertebrates Chapter 5: Amphibians and Reptiles Chapter 6: Aves Chapter 7: Mammals
BBT-012 $27.50/yr
Program 13: The Biology of Protists
Chapter 1: What is a Protist? Chapter 2: The Euglenids Chapter 3: Diatoms and Their Unlikely Relatives Chapter 4: Amoebas and Heliozoans Chapter 5: Green Protists Chapter 6: Colonial Protists Chapter 7: Insiders Chapter 8: Ciliated Protists Chapter 9: Paramecium
BBT-013 $27.50/yr
Program 14: The Biology of Sponges
Chapter 1: Cell Types and Feeding Chapter 2: The Sponge Skelton Chapter 3: Three Classes of Sponges Chapter 4: Sponge Ecology Chapter 5: Reproduction and Evolution Chapter 6: Summary
BBT-014 $27.50/yr
Program 15: The Light Microscope: Window on the Microcosm
Chapter 1: Leeuwenhoek and the Discovery Scope Chapter 2: The Compound Microscope Chapter 3: The Optical Property of Resolution Chapter 4: Increasing Color and Contrast in Living Subjects Chapter 5: Microscopic Observations
BBT-015 $27.50/yr
Program 16: The Biology of Bacteria
Chapter 1: Bacteria and Atmospheric CO2 Chapter 2: Decomposition-based Food Chains Chapter 3: Reproduction and Behavior Chapter 4: Bacteria Shapes and Structures Chapter 5: Bacteria are Prokaryotic Cells Chapter 6: Nitrogen Fixation Chapter 7: Cyanobacteria Chapter 8: Bacteria as Symbionts Chapter 9: Summary
BBT-016 $27.50/yr