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The Living Planet

This ultimate guided tour of planet earth, educates as it entertains, and is led by one of the world's foremost natural scientists.
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Full Title (includes all individual Programs)
Streaming License includes all individual programs listed below, as well as downloadable supplemental files.
LP $330.00/yr
Individual ProgramsSKUTermPrice
The Living Planet: The Building of the Earth
David Attenborough discusses plate tectonics, volcanoes, plant succession and mountain Building.
LP-001 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: The Frozen Earth
David Attenborough discusses ecosystems, climates, the Arctic and Antarctic, and weather extremes.
LP-002 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: The Northern Forests
David Attenborough discusses conifers, pines, ecosystems, northern forest ecosystems, and climates.
LP-003 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: Jungle
David Attenborough discusses jungles, the rainforest, Rainforest Ecosystems, and Climates.
LP-004 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: Seas of Grass
David Attenborough discusses the prairie, Prairie Ecosystems, savannahs, and climate.
LP-005 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: The Baking Deserts
David Attenborough discusses desert ecosystems, drought, lizards, climate and reptiles.
LP-006 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: The Community of the Skies
David Attenborough discusses the atmosphere, troposphere, weather and the hydrocycle.
LP-007 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: Sweet Fresh Water
David Attenborough discusses rivers, waterfalls, hydrocycle, deltas and the Amazon.
LP-008 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: The Margins of the Land
David Attenborough discusses tide pools, mangroves and the salt marsh.
LP-009 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: Worlds Apart
David Attenborough discusses evolution.
LP-010 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: Oceans
David Attenborough discusses oceanic ecosystems, plankton and evolution.
LP-011 $27.50/yr
The Living Planet: New Worlds
David Attenborough discusses pollution and climate change.
LP-012 $27.50/yr