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Inside the Living Cell

Students learn how cells carry out the fundamental processes of life. The menu structure offers over 30 learning chapters that can be discussed and repeated as needed to assure that everyone is up to speed on the content.
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Streaming License includes all individual programs listed below, as well as downloadable supplemental files.
BIL $125.00/yr
Individual ProgramsSKUTermPrice
Program 1: The Cell - Unit of Life
Chapter 1: The Discovery of Cells Chapter 2: Cell Structures Chapter 3: DNA Directs Cell Activities Chapter 4: Electron Microscopes Make New Discoveries Chapter 5: The Chemistry of Life
BIL-001 $25.00/yr
Program 2: The Outer Envelope
Chapter 1: Membrane Structure Chapter 2: Membrane Behavior and Cell Walls Chapter 3: Osmosis Chapter 4: Transport Proteins Chapter 5: Endocytosis
BIL-002 $25.00/yr
Program 3: How Cells Obtain Energy
Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: How Cells Obtain Energy Chapter 3: Mitochodria: Powerhouses of the Cell Chapter 4: The Role of Oxygen Chapter 5: Photosynthesis Chapter 6: Chloroplast Structure Chapter 7: The Light Reactions of Photosynthesis Chapter 8: The Light: Independent Reactions of Photosynthesis Chapter 9: Summary
BIL-003 $25.00/yr
Program 4: How Cells Are Controlled
Chapter 1: Enzymes, Life's Catalysts Chapter 2: How Enzymes and Other Proteins Are Made Chapter 3: Turning on Bacterial Genes
BIL-004 $25.00/yr
Program 5: How Cells Reproduce
Chapter 1: How Cells Reproduce Chapter 2: DNA Structure Chapter 3: Mitosis Chapter 4: Mutation and DNA Repair
BIL-005 $25.00/yr