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Secret Universe: Journey Inside the Cell

Like something out of science-fiction, the battle of our cells - the framework which makes up every part of our bodies - and the virus, the invading marauder, has been played out over millions of years. Drawing on the very latest cellular discoveries, for the first time this epic film brings the interior world of a human cell to life. Working with world experts in cell visualization, molecular biologists and cutting-edge CGI animators, viewers experience a thrilling and scientifically accurate cinematic extravaganza into the hidden, magnificent world of the cell.
  • Title ID 86-JIC
  • Science, Biology, Chemistry, Core Science
  • 1 Program
  • 1 Supplemental File
  • 10th Grade through Post Secondary
  • Released in 2014 by BBC
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Secret Universe: Journey Inside the CellRunning time is 60 minutes

Exploring the human cell in the context of a viral invasion - the battle for control of the cell, this film tells the remarkable story of a single cell - from birth to death in the front line of the eternal fight for supremacy. Inside the nucleus of a primitive cell the swapping and mixing of viral and cellular genetic material takes place. The forced mixing of genes and the survival pressure to stay one step ahead of the viral invaders has driven the evolution of life on earth. No-one knows for sure whether viruses and animal cells co-evolved or whether we have a common ancestor.

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