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A History of Women's Achievement in America

Without the American woman's pioneering fortitude, the early colonies at Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation, would not have survived. From then on, millions of American pioneer women would push the frontier ever forward. Destined to play an essential role in the shaping of the United States; American women forged an identity unlike any other in the world. That identity found a voice as they created great literature and science.
The Making of a New WorldRunning Time: 0:29:00

Women achievement, the history of women in America and women heroes are shown in this first program of American women history.

Chapter List
1.) 1621 - Women Help Found the English Colonies
00:06:10Women pioneers in the English Colonies of Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation, made the colonies successful, and began creating an American woman persona, especially among the Puritan women.
2.) 1650 - Anne Hutchinson and Anne Bradstreet Use New Found American Independence to Express Themselves
00:06:00Anne Hutchinson and Anne Bradstreet were women leaders in the Massachusetts Bay Colony; Bradstreet the first of America's many women writers, and Hutchinson who was responsible for the Rhode Island founding, while later, women were found killed in Salem for practicing witchcraft.
3.) 1773 - Phillis Wheatley Becomes America's First Black Woman Poet
00:04:20Phillis Wheatley, America's first Black Poet, wrote "On Being Brought From Africa to America," which established as a great colonial poet.
4.) 1776 - Abigail Adams and the Female Patriots
00:05:10Abigail Adams and the female Patriots Deborah Samson and Mary Ludwig Hays, also known as Molly Pitcher, as well as the Daughters of Liberty, took part in the American Revolution, led by Abigail's husband, John Adams.
5.) 1805 - Sacagawea, Interpreter and Guide, Aids Lewis and Clark
00:03:53Sacagawea helped Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery Expedition, especially when they met her Shoshone relatives.
The Era of Women's FirstsRunning Time: 0:28:00

Women achievement, the history of women in America and women heroes are shown in this second program of American women history.

Chapter List
1.) 1836 - Hispanic-American Juana Briones Establishes San Francisco
00:02:48Juana Briones founded San Francisco, California.
2.) 1837 - Mary Lyon Founds Mount Holyoke, the First Women's College
00:04:50Mary Lyon founded Mount Holyoke, the first Women's College, and the first of the colleges known as the Seven Sisters, beginning the march of women toward full women's rights.
3.) 1846 - Susan Magoffin Travels the Santa Fe Trail
00:03:54Susan Shelby Magoffin, one of the first women pioneers on the Santa Fe Trail, was one of the 19th century's first women writers.
4.) 1847 - Maria Mitchell is the First Scientist to Discover a Comet Using a Telescope
00:04:44Maria Mitchell, America's first woman of astronomy, taught women to be astronomers, paving the way for women scientists, like Jocelyn Bell, who discovered pulsars.
5.) 1849 - Amelia Bloomer Publishes The Lily, the First National Magazine for Women
00:03:46Amelia Bloomer published The Lily, a magazine devoted to the women's rights movement led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.
6.) 1851 - Sojourner Truth Addresses a Women's Rights Convention in Ohio
00:03:02Sojourner Truth was an abolitionist who fought for women's rights and against slavery.
Women Speak OutRunning Time: 0:29:00

Women achievement, the history of women in America and women heroes are shown in this third program of American women history.

Chapter List
1.) 1852 - Harriet Beecher Stowe Writes Uncle Tom's Cabin
00:02:48Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, the leading Abolitionist tale against, slavery and owning slaves.
2.) 1852 - Emily Dickinson Publishes First Poem
00:03:27Emily Dickinson was the 19th century's greatest woman poet.
3.) 1856 - Harriet Tubman Becomes the Most Notorious Underground Railroad Conductor
00:02:35Harriet Tubman, a leader on the Underground Railroad, helped slaves escape slavery.
4.) 1868 - Louisa May Alcott Writes Little Women
00:04:09Louisa May Alcott, who wrote Little Women, was a great novelist who helped establish the American women's identity.
5.) 1872 - Susan B. Anthony is Arrested for Voting
00:02:37Susan B. Anthony, a leader of women's rights and civil rights, was helped by long time friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
6.) 1881 - Clara Barton Founds the American Red Cross
00:03:16Clara Barton who founded the American Red Cross, was a nurse during the Civil War.
7.) 1885 - Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, Belle Starr and the Women of the Wild, Wild West
00:06:40Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane and Belle Starr are three of America's most famous cowgirls and women pioneers.
America Enters the World of NationsRunning Time: 0:28:00

Women achievement, the history of women in America and women heroes are shown in this fourth program of American women history.

Chapter List
1.) 1889 - Jane Addams Founds Hull House in Chicago
00:03:28Jane Addams founded Hull House, as an answer to families and immigrants hurt by 19th century America's rapid industrialization, and became America's first, woman Nobel laureate,
2.) 1889 - Nellie Bly Goes Around the World in 72 Days
00:04:00Nellie Bly, first of the women journalists and one of America's women pioneers in business, was the inspiration for the fictional Brenda Starr and Lois Lane.
3.) 1891 - Mary Cassatt's First Solo Art Show in Paris
00:03:27Mary Cassatt, a leader of Impressionism, was an American painter, who went to France and became one of the great women artists.
4.) 1893 - Ida B. Wells-Barnett Crusades Against Black Lynching in America
00:05:09Ida B. Wells-Barnett, the first of the Black women Civil Rights activists, crusaded against Black lynching.
5.) 1904 - Gertrude Pridgett (Ma Rainey) introduces the Blues
00:02:52Ma Rainey founded the Blues, and was one of the first great American singers and women singers.
6.) 1905 - Isadora Duncan Opens First School of Modern Dance
00:02:33Isadora Duncan founded the first School of Modern Dance and established modern dance in the 20th century.
7.) 1912 - Juliette Gordon Low Founds the Girl Scouts of America
00:03:17Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts and was one of America's women pioneers of women rights.
Women Begin to Transform ThemselvesRunning Time: 0:29:00

Women achievement, the history of women in America and women heroes are shown in this fifth program of American women history.

Chapter List
1.) 1916 - Jeannette Rankin Becomes the First Woman Elected to the U.S. Congress
00:03:48Jeannette Rankin, elected to Congress before woman suffrage was passed was a leader for women rights.
2.) 1920 - Women Gain the Right to Vote
00:02:42The 19th Amendment allowed women to gain the right to vote, a right fought for by suffragettes first led by Susan B. Anthony in the 19th century.
3.) 1920 - Edith Wharton Wins a Pulitzer Prize for The Age of Innocence
00:03:46Edith Wharton wrote The Age of Innocence, and was the first woman novelist to win the Pulitzer Prize.
4.) 1928 - Margaret Mead Publishes Coming of Age in Samoa
00:03:33Margaret Mead, who wrote Coming of Age in Samoa, studied with the great anthropologist, Ruth Benedict, and became one of the greatest of American scientists, setting the stage for women scientists.
5.) 1929 - Georgia O'Keeffe Visits New Mexico for the First Time
00:04:21Georgia O'Keeffe, the American painter, who lived with gallery owner Alfred Stieglitz, was one of the greatest women painters and helped establish American Art in the 20th century
6.) 1932 - Amelia Earhart Flies the Atlantic Ocean Solo
00:02:27Amelia Earhart, one of the America's women pioneers, flew airplanes and became one of the best pilots of the first half of the 20th century.
7.) 1935 - Mary McLeod Bethune Founds the National Council of Negro Women
00:04:08Mary McLeod Bethune, a member of FDR's Black Cabinet, founded Bethune Cookman College and the National Council of Negro Women, which allied with the NAACP to promote Civil Rights.
America Becomes a Super PowerRunning Time: 0:29:00

Women achievement, the history of women in America and women heroes are shown in this sixth program of American women history.

Chapter List
1.) 1936 - Eleanor Roosevelt Transforms the Role of First Lady
00:04:00Eleanor Roosevelt was First Lady who changed the image of White House wives, therefore pushing forward women's rights, and as the wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, helped push along all civil rights.
2.) 1942 - "Rosie the Riveter" joins the War Effort
00:03:16Rosie the Riveter was the icon of women's worker in World War II, and exemplified women's contributions in the Greatest Generation, as seen in the WASPS, the Women's Air Force Service Pilots.
3.) 1950 - Babe Didrikson named Woman Athlete of the Half Century
00:04:00Babe Didrikson, the great woman Athlete, was the best woman golfer and helped launch the LPGA.
4.) 1950 - Margaret Chase Smith Stands Up to Joseph McCarthy with Declaration of Conscience Speech
00:03:39Margaret Chase Smith with her Declaration of Conscience Speech in the U.S. Senate, showed that women were strong leaders, thereby helping to further define the American female identity, and promote women's rights.
5.) 1950 -Gwendolyn Brooks Wins the Pulitzer Prize
00:04:27Gwendolyn Brooks, Pulitzer Prize winning author, inspired the idea of 'Black is beautiful.'
6.) 1955 - Rosa Parks Refuses to Give Up Her Seat on a Montgomery Bus to a White Passenger
00:03:01Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus and set the stage for the end of segregation and the beginning of full Civil Rights for Blacks.
7.) 1956 - Tennis-Pro Althea Gibson Becomes the First African American Woman to Win Grand Slam Tourney
00:02:38Althea Gibson, a Black athlete in tennis, opened the door for Black women athletes in American sports.
American Women Find their VoiceRunning Time: 0:28:00

Women achievement, the history of women in America and women heroes are shown in this seventh program of American women history.

Chapter List
1.) 1959 - Lorraine Hansberry's Play A Raisin in the Sun is Produced
00:03:52Lorraine Hansberry, who wrote A Raisin in the Sun, starring Sidney Poitier, was a woman author and American playwright who opened the door for other Black playwrights on Broadway.
2.) 1963 - Betty Friedan Launches the New Women's Movement
00:05:07Betty Friedan a leader of the women's movement, wrote The Feminine Mystique, a voice for women's rights and civil rights and co-founded The National Organization for Women, while Gloria Steinem founded Ms. Magazine and Bella Abzug became a U.S. Representative.
3.) 1967 - Lynn Margulis Explains the Origin of Complex Biological Live
00:03:09Lynn Margulis, one of the 20th century's leading women scientists, studied symbiotic reproduction and eukaryotic Cells, and proposed the Gaia hypothesis as part of evolution.
4.) 1969 - Joan Ganz Cooney Launches Sesame Street
00:03:09Joan Ganz Cooney developed Sesame Street of the Children's Television Workshop in which Muppets are used to teach young children.
5.) 1973 - Roe v. Wade Strikes Down Anti-Abortion Laws
00:02:33Roe v. Wade, the landmark case for woman's rights, involving Jane Roe who sued to get an abortion against DA Henry Wade, would pit Pro Life versus Pro Choice in a struggle over privacy rights that began with Griswold V. Connecticut.
6.) 1978 - Hispanic Golfer Nancy Lopez Wins Her First LPGA Championship
00:01:53Nancy Lopez a Hispanic golfer, becomes the leading women's golfer in the LPGA.
7.) 1981 - Women in the Legal System and Sandra Day O'Connor
00:03:06Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court, was one of the 20th century's women pioneers who helped to expand women's rights and civil rights.
A New Age of EqualityRunning Time: 0:28:00

Women achievement, the history of women in America and women heroes are shown in this eighth program of American women history.

Chapter List
1.) 1985 - Wilma Mankiller Becomes Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
00:03:53Wilma Mankiller was elected leader of the Cherokee Nation, one of many Native American women who became leaders in their tribes, was was also one of few native American women writers.
2.) 1986 - Oprah Winfrey Initiates a New Era for Women in Television
00:04:40Oprah Winfrey, a leader of women in television, was one of the women pioneers of television, a group that includes Lucille Ball and Mary Tyler Moore.
3.) 1989 - Asian American Amy Tan Publishes The Joy Luck Club
00:03:35Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club, is an American novelist writing about her Chinese culture.
4.) 1997 - Madeleine Albright Begins a New Era for Women in American Leadership
00:03:29Madeleine Albright was one of the 20th century's women pioneers, and showed that women were becoming a force in leadership roles of government when appointed Secretary of State.
5.) 1998 - Pleasant Rowland Sells the American Girl Company
00:03:54Pleasant Rowland, founder of the American Girl Company, was a women entrepreneur, in the mold of the American entrepreneur.
6.) 2001- Linda Alvarado Wins the Horatio Alger Award
00:03:23Linda Alvarado, an American Entrepreneur, was a leading Hispanic business woman who won the Horatio Alger Award.
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Grade Levels10th Grade through Post Secondary
Timeline - Chronology of Womens Achievement
Historical Document - Aint I a Woman speech, Sojourner Truth
Historical Document - Roe v. Wade
Teacher Guide for Womens Achievement Series
Historical Document - 1964 Civil Rights Act
Historical Document - 19th Amendment
Historical Document - Abigal Adams Letters
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