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Core Physics Classical Physics

In Core Physics these discoveries and laws are laid out in chronological order, each naturally building on the former. This program covers classical physics... the period which led to the Industrial Revolution and modern technology.
Core Physics Classical PhysicsRunning Time: 0:35:00

People study classical physics and physics.

Chapter List
1.) 1814 - Light Reveals Spectral Lines
00:04:59The Theory of Light contains such components as Spectral Lines, Light Waves, electromagnetic radiation, Fraunhofer lines, wavelengths, and light spectrum described by Newton, Christian Huygens, and Joseph von Fraunhofer.
2.) 1820 - Electromagnetism is Discovered
00:02:52Electromagnetism, made up of electricity and magnetism, was a theory made up by William Gilbert when he demonstrated magnetic poles.
3.) 1824 - First Laws of Thermodynamics
00:05:46Thermodynamics, which includes the first law of Thermodynamics and the second law of Thermodynamics explains energy, entropy and the impossibility of perpetual motion machines and the workings of steam engines and was developed by Sadi Carnot, James Joule, and Rudolph Clausius.
4.) 1831 - Faraday Produces Electricity from Magnetism
00:05:27Michael Faraday showed that electricity and magnetism could be combined to produce an electromagnet, which would power a motor and eventually lead to the electrical generation of power.
5.) 1842 - Doppler Effect
00:04:00The Doppler Effect was first demonstrated using sound and sound waves to modify the speed of sound and can be used in Doppler radar.
6.) 1864 - Maxwell's Equations Unify Electricity and Magnetism
00:04:41Electromagnetic radiation is made up of electricity, and magnetism, which was discovered by, James Maxwell, and was later used to create electromagnetic waves, including radio waves, which were used by Hertz and Marconi.
7.) 1895-6 - X-Rays and Radioactivity are Discovered
00:05:17X-Rays and radioactivity are electromagnetic waves that are part of the , electromagnetic spectrum, and were discovered by William Roentgen and Marie Curie, with alpha particles, beta rays and gamma rays later added to the electro magnetic spectrum.
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SubjectsScience, Core Science, Physical Science
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Copyright ©2007 Ambrose Video Publishing Inc./Centre Communications
Grade Levels10th Grade through Post Secondary
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Moving wavefront
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Electromagnetic spectrum
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