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Triumph of the Nerds

It happened more or less by accident; the people who made it happen were amateurs; and for the most part they still are. From his own Silicon Valley garage, author Bob Cringely puts PC big shots and nerds on the spot, and tells their incredible true stories. Like the industry itself, the series is informative, funny and brash.
Impressing their FriendsRunning Time: 0:51:00

Silicon Valley developed the personal computer and two giants, Apple Computer and Microsoft would make them part of everyday life.

Chapter List
1.) Chapter 1: Introduction
00:05:38Personal computers, the PC, were created by men like Paul Allen and Bill Gates and would go on to spawn a home computer industry in Silicon Valley.
2.) Chapter 2: Nerds
00:07:22Computers need instructions called a program to operate and in the early days it was called machine language, which was difficult to carry out, then Grace Hopper invented computer language which made it easy and these early computer languages had names like, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC,
3.) Chapter 3: The Chip
00:06:16Ed Roberts created the first personal computer, the Altair, which was made possible because of the computer chip made of silicon called a microprocessor allows a person to have a mainframe computer on his desk, which is why Silicon Valley got its name,
4.) Chapter 4: Homebrew Computer Club
00:03:41The Altair computer led nerds to experiment and create user friendly computers.
5.) Chapter 5: Paul Allen Inventor of the Basic Language
00:08:29Paul Allen was the inventor Microcomputer BASIC and with Bill Gates founded Microsoft,, but the PC and Silicon Valley got its start because everybody shared solutions to programming challenges.
6.) Chapter 6: Apple Computer
00:05:43Apple Computer was founded by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, who developed the personal computer the Apple II.
7.) Chapter 7: Launch of Apple II
00:08:30Apple II was promoted by Steve Jobs and became a big hit, later incorporating the programs such as spreadsheets, giving them the power of microcomputing.
8.) Chapter 8: Media Explosion
00:04:02The PC, the personal computer industry was launched by Apple with Apple II, making a billion dollar industry in Silicon Valley.
Riding the BearRunning Time: 0:51:00

Silicon Valley developed the personal computer and two giants, Apple Computer and Microsoft would make them part of everyday life.

Chapter List
1.) Chapter 1: Introduction
00:07:35Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak of Apple created the foundation for the PC industry, but it was IBM that would make PC's a household tool.
2.) Chapter 2: Bill Lowe
00:06:17Open architecture was a means to build personal computers with what was on the shelf, but they still needed operating systems such as UNIX, CP/M, MS-DOS as provided by Paul Allen, Bill Gates and Gary Kildall.
3.) Chapter 3: Bill Gates
00:04:37Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer would make Microsoft and its BASIC PC language the biggest in the world.
4.) Chapter 4: Meeting Between Kildall and IBM
00:05:43IBM had computer programs such as BASIC, FORTRAN, COBO and the Paul Allen created an operating system.
5.) Chapter 5: Announcement of IBM PC
00:04:51IBM legitimized the PC for America making software companies big time, while Bill Gates' DOS would become the operating system for PCs.
6.) Chapter 6: Compaq
00:11:40Computer makers like Compaq and Dell made IBM clones, borrowing from the ROM chip, while Bill Gates and Microsoft created OS2.
7.) Chapter 7: Windows
00:08:10Bill Gates and Microsoft created Windows as an alternative to IBM's operating system.
8.) Chapter 8: Apple Commercial - Launch of Macintosh
00:00:53Apple launches the Macintosh computer changing the industry.
Great Artists StealRunning Time: 0:51:00

Silicon Valley developed the personal computer and two giants, Apple Computer and Microsoft would make them part of everyday life.

Chapter List
1.) Chapter 1: Introduction
00:10:28Apple was the king of computers using graphic interface technology invented by Xerox, so Bill Gates created Windows for the PC.
2.) Chapter 2: Steve Jobs
00:05:28Steve Jobs, using technology pioneered by Xerox Made Apple a big player in computers.
3.) Chapter 3: The Macintosh
00:03:30Steve Jobs was behind Apple's launch of the Macintosh computer.
4.) Chapter 4: Bill Gates
00:03:50Microsoft thanks to DOS is growing like crazy, but Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates are interested in Steve Jobs' Macintosh.
5.) Chapter 5: Launch of Macintosh I
00:08:30Apple and Steve Jobs cut a deal with Adobe to make Macintosh, or Mac, a desktop publishing dream.
6.) Chapter 6: Jobs Leaving Apple
00:03:24Steve Jobs of Macintosh fame left Apple.
7.) Chapter 7: Windows
00:07:52Microsoft and Bill Gates created Windows and later Windows 95 to compete with the Macintosh.
8.) Chapter 8: The Internet
00:06:39Larry Ellison of Oracle has a different view of what the future holds in store for Bill Gates, Microsoft and Apple.
Video Programs3
SubjectsHistory, American History, Science, Sociology
Supplemental Files1
Produced By Digital Classics
Copyright ©2002 Digital Classics
Grade Levels10th Grade through Post Secondary
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