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Frequently Asked Question - I don't see "https:" - are Credit Card transactions secure?

I don't see "https:" - are Credit Card transactions secure?

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Your privacy is very important to use. We've gone beyond https/SSL!

Traditional https/SSL encrypts your personal information, and then sends it to our servers for processing.  From there our servers would then send it again for validation with the CC Processing company.

Our payment service is implemented using Stripe.js (provided by Stripe at All of your information is securely transmitted a single time directly from your web browser to the payment processor.  Our servers never even see it, and have no need to send it again. We then work with Stripe using a shared "code word" or "token" that represents you or your payment details, so no one has the opportunity to intercept any information about you, nor does it exist in our database if it is is ever compromised.