Diabetes: Nutrition and Sugar - Extended Interviews

Three leading experts from academia, nutritional science and medicine provide insights into the world wide type II diabetes epidemic. Since World War II there has been dramatic increase in the number of the people who suffer from type II diabetes. Today, half of Americans are either pre-diabetic or diabetic. The question is how did this happen? Newly revealed answers and possible solutions are presented in this series as well as the dire economic and medical consequences of not dealing with this deadly disease.
Tom Jelinek PhDRunning Time: 0:29:00

Renowned cellular biologist Dr. Jelinek begins with an overview of the diabetes epidemic including the scale of the epidemic… How it happen in such a short period of time and the evolutionary basis on which it rests. He then describes what it feels like to be diabetic. Dr. Jelinek then takes up insulin and insulin resistance and follows that with a description of the role glucose plays in diabetes and fat storage in the body. Dr. Jelinek concludes with the dietary cure for diabetes: ketosis and the ketogenic diet.

Sarah Hallberg MDRunning Time: 0:42:00

Dr. Hallberg with appointments at Purdue and Indiana University as well as director of the most successful diabetes reversal clinic starts by describing the scope of the type II diabetes epidemic and how it affects patients with diabetes. Next she takes up the endocrinology of insulin and insulin resistance as well as fatty liver disease as they become part of type II diabetes story. From there she moves on to solutions to the type II diabetes crisis including the roles of the food industry, improving social and economic welfare for the disadvantaged, better physician education and debunking the myths surrounding carbohydrates and ketosis. Dr. Hallberg ends by telling us how she and other doctors are reversing the diabetes of their patients through diet.

Cecilia Low Wang MDRunning Time: 0:38:00

Dr. Low Wang is a leading diabetes endocrinologist and medical practitioner at the division of endocrinology/metabolism/diabetes at University of Colorado and Anschutz School of medicine. She regularly treats patients with diabetes and begins by painting a picture of what it’s like for her patients to be diagnosed with diabetes. This is followed by an account of the health issues that arise from untreated diabetes. Next, Dr. low Wang provides an endocrinology perspective on how insulin and insulin resistance plays a major role in diabetes. She moves on to an account of why the diabetes epidemic is not getting the public attention it should and gives us her prediction for the future. Dr. Low Wang concludes with a message for people with diabetes.

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