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No science is more at the core of every technology that supports the seven billion people living on the planet today than chemistry. Chemistry is at the base of the foods, medicines, fuels and materials that are the hallmarks of modern life. Core Chemistry presents how each branch of chemistry - physical chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry - evolved from a clear understanding of the principles and laws of chemical interactions.
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Chemistry brings good things to life.

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1.) 2 Million B.C. to 1661 - Ancient Chemistry
00:06:28The study of began with ancient chemistry's use of charcoal the later with the discovery of gunpowder.
2.) 1800 - Electrolysis Reveals That Electricity Can Produce a Chemical Reaction
00:03:03Electrolysis, electricity and static electricity were studied by Luigi Galvanic and Volta, and using their results Wi9lliam Nickerson decomposed water into oxygen, hydrogen, the reverse of which is the fuel cell.
3.) 1808 - Atomic Theory of Matter is Announced
00:05:05Atoms and Atomic Theory started with, Robert Boyle and were further developed by John Dalton.
4.) 1828 - Organic Chemistry
00:04:06Organic Chemistry is made up of carbon compounds that are polymers of nylon, polyester are two.
5.) 1869 - The First Periodic Table
00:04:08The Periodic Table develop by Mendeleyev arranges atoms and elements in a precise order.
6.) 1945 to Present - Catalysts and New Chemicals
00:05:35Because of the chemical laws, catalysts, bio-catalysts and enzymes are needed to produce new chemical such as ethanol, all of which have led to pharmaceutical industry, biochemical industry and chemical engineering.
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