Ten Who Dared

Prior to World War I, much of our planet was a vast unknown land, characterized by rumor and fantastic stories, and described by epic myths. This amazing ten part series, Ten Who Dared, dramatizes the journeys of ten intrepid explorers whose ambitious and heroic adventures changed the landscape of the unknown world, sorting fact from fiction, myth from reality.
Christopher ColumbusRunning Time: 0:31:00

Program 1 recreates the famous voyages of Christopher Columbus as he sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean, looking for a trade route to Asia. 

Francisco PizarroRunning Time: 0:50:00

How Francisco Pizarro, conquered the vast Inca Empire for Spain in 1532-3 with a handful of soldiers is recreated in Program 2. 

Captain James CookRunning Time: 0:52:00

Program 3 looks at Captain James Cook's epic three year journey around the world from 1768 - 1771. 

Alexander von HumboldtRunning Time: 0:52:00

Program 4 follows the explorations of German naturalist and traveler Alexander von Humboldt as he trekked the Orinoco river basin of Venezuela in 1799. 

Jedediah SmithRunning Time: 0:47:00

Program 5 recreates the epic western journey of the famous American fur trader, mountain man and explorer Jedediah Smith in 1826.

Burke and WillsRunning Time: 0:50:00

Program 6 chronicles the first south-north crossing of the formidable Australian interior by Robert Burke and William Wills. 

Henry Morton StanleyRunning Time: 0:50:00

Program 7 follows the journey of Welsh journalist Henry Morton Stanley as he attempts to prove the Lualaba River is the long-sought source of the Nile. 

Charles DoughtyRunning Time: 0:51:00

Program 8 recreates English poet and writer, Charles Doughty's fantastic 1876 - 1878 Arabian journey. 

Mary KingsleyRunning Time: 0:51:00

Based on the writings of English woman Mary Kingsley, Program 9 follows her incredible trek across West Africa in the early 1890s. 

Roald AmundsenRunning Time: 0:52:00

Program 10 covers the last 788 miles of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen's epic conquest of the south pole in 1911.

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