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Long Search, The

Running Time:
676 minutes

Grade Level:
7 - Adult

AVP Release Date:
September 2001

BBC/Time Life Films

DVD - $99.99

This sound and picture enhanced series has served as the basis of successful religious philosophy courses around the world. An American Film Festival Red Ribbon winner, the series gives a balanced treatment of a force that is sadly neglected in most educations, the basic beliefs of the major religions in the world today.

Ronald Eyre takes the viewer on a pilgrimage beginning in London and spanning 150,000 miles including India, Japan, Israel, Rumania, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, The United States, Egypt, and South Africa.

Available for delivery to US destinations only.

Series of 13 programs on 5 DVD's.

Programs in This Series
  • Disk 1

  • Disk 2

  • Disk 3

  • Disk 4

  • Disk 5