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Core Meteorology: Climate

Running Time:
30 minutes

Closed Captions , Spanish Subtitles

AVP Release Date:
April 2008

Centre /Ambrose VIdeo Publishing, Inc.

DVD - $49.99

Meteorology, once the simple study of atmospheric events ... Storms ... hurricanes ... tornadoes ... And temperature changes, has grown in the 21st century to include such disciplines as atmospheric chemistry and physics, climatology and global warming.
This program clearly defines what climates are ... Presents the relationships between climates and biomes, and climates and people ... And describes the six major climate types. Lastly, it shows how weather extremes play a major role in each climate type.


  • What Are Climates - Climates are long term patterns of precipitation and temperature, which repeat themselves across the planet
  • Climates and People - Just as ecosystems are adapted to climates, so too are human populations
  • Measuring Global Temperatures and Precipitation - This chapter shows how the scientific measurements are made in the field, which allow climatologists to define the world's climates
  • Climates and Weather Extremes - While biomes and human populations are adapted to climates, it is weather extremes that force biomes and human populations to change
  • Climate Types - In the early 20th century, climatologists defined six basic climate types
  • Climates and Biomes - This chapter defines and classifies the biomes that are adapted to each of the six climate types
  • Climate Change and Biomes - Climates have varied greatly over the eons, so too have the biomes related to them
  • Climate Change and People - In the 20th and 21st centuries, industrialization is forcing a man made climate change to which all humans and ecosystems will have to adapt

Educational DVD extras: Instructor's Guide, Blackline Master Quiz and MORE

Closed Captioned and Spanish Subtitled.


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Clip Length: 4 minutes 51 seconds