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Core Meteorology: Atmosphere

Running Time:
30 minutes

Grade Level:
7 - Adult

Closed Captions , Spanish Subtitles

AVP Release Date:
April 2008

Ambrose VIdeo/ Centre Communications

DVD - $49.99

Meteorology, once the simple study of atmospheric events ... Storms ... hurricanes ... tornadoes ... And temperature changes, has grown in the 21st century to include such disciplines as atmospheric chemistry and physics, climatology and global warming.
This program presents the principles of atmospheric dynamics. The Earth's atmosphere is a dynamic balance of gases and sunlight that allows for the possibility of life. The Earth's atmosphere has a unique composition, structure and life sustaining Bio/Geo/Chemical cycles in its lower reaches. The program also shows how these atmospheric elements are being impacted by the unprecedented burning of fossil fuels.


  • Atmospheres in the Solar System - There are a variety of atmospheres on the planets in our solar system but only one that is conducive to life
  • Composition of Earth's Atmosphere - Earth's atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, a small amount of argon and greenhouse gases
  • Structure of the Earth's Atmosphere - The structure of the Earth's atmosphere is divided into distinctive layers: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere
  • Atmosphere and Solar Radiation - This chapter shows how the different kinds of solar radiation interact with each of Earth's atmospheric layers, producing their individual temperature ranges
  • Atmospheric Conduction and Convection - The atmosphere moves heat around by conduction and convection
  • Atmospheric Balancing - The Earth's atmosphere is a self-regulating system that produces the conditions that are conducive to life in the lower troposphere
  • Hydrological Cycle - All weather takes place in the lower atmosphere. The most recognizable component of weather takes place as part of the hydrological cycle
  • Carbon Cycle - The carbon cycle has become critical in understanding global warming or climate change
  • The Atmosphere and Climate Change - The addition of man-produced carbon dioxide in the lower atmosphere is changing the composition and structure of the atmosphere along with the Bio/Geo/Chemical cycles operating in the lower atmosphere, leading to the possibility of catastrophic impacts

Educational Science DVD extras: Teacher's Guide, Blackline Master Quiz & MORE.

Closed Captioned and Spanish Subtitled.


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Clip Length: 1 minute 57 seconds