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Core Biology: Animal Sciences

Running Time:
30 minutes

Grade Level:
7 - Adult

Closed Captions , Spanish Subtitles

AVP Release Date:
June 2007

Centre/Ambrose Video

DVD - $49.99

An exciting ride through the world of animal classification, physiology, behavior, and communication.

Today the Animal Sciences, Zoology, form the knowledge basis for such diverse disciplines as human physiology and nutrition ... Genetics and animal breeding ... And the exciting field of wildlife ecology. For the first time the scientific discoveries that provide insight into the nature of animal classification, physiology and behavior are brilliantly brought together in one program. Arranged chronologically, each discovery is presented with clear graphics and brilliant High Definition footage.

Segments in this program are:

350 b.c. - Aristotle Founds Zoology
1735 - Carlos Linnaeus Begins the Modern Description of Life
1796 - Comparative Anatomy
1826 - All Animal Life Begins with an Egg
1838 - The Cellular Basis of Life
1859 - The Theory of Evolution
1969 - The Five Kingdoms of Life
1973 -The Science of Animal Behavior
1998 - Principles of Animal Communication

Educational Science DVD Extras: *Instructor Guide *Blackline Master Quiz *Timeline *Photographs

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Clip Length: 2 minutes 28 seconds