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Turning Points in the Physical Sciences

Running Time:
135 minutes

Grade Level:
7 - Adult

English Subtitles Spanish Subtitles

AVP Release Date:
March 2005

Ambrose Video Publishing, Inc. & Centre Communications

DVD - $249.99

Growing from ancient astronomical observations 2500 years ago to black holes in space no human endeavor has transformed society and defined our place in the cosmos more than the physical sciences.  

What started as a kernel of knowledge about the movement of the heavenly bodies has expanded to include the atomic building blocks of all chemistry; geology's understanding of earth's long history and the forces that have shaped our planet's features; astronomy's picture of an ever expanding universe populated by billions of galaxies each containing billions of stars; and physics understanding of the basic principles of movement, energy and forces which has given us the technological world of cars, planes, television, computers, cell phones, and the electrification of the planet.  

TURNING POINTS in the PHYSICAL SCIENCES take you on an exciting journey of discovery from ancient through classical science to the world of modern physics, relativity, chaos theory and quantum mechanics.

English subtitled for the hearing impaired.

Educational Science DVD series extras include: Teacher's Guide, Illustrations, Charts and much more.


UPC 739815003271

Programs in This Series
  • Program 1: 130 - 1819

  • Program 2: 1820 - 1845

  • Program 3: 1846 - 1902

  • Program 4: 1903 - 1928

  • Program 5: 1929 - 2004

Clip Length: 4 minutes 6 seconds