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History's Turning Points

Running Time:
325 minutes

Grade Level:
7 - Adult

English Subtitles

AVP Release Date:
April 2002

Transatlantic Films

DVD - $149.99

Now on DVD, History's Turning Points is a thirteen part series on decisive moments in world history.

Each turning point in history has behind it a story and a set of principal characters whose dilemmas and conflicts form its dramatic core, and whose unique personalities influenced the outcome of events.

How would the development of one of the world's greatest civilizations, China, have been different without the ruthless ambition of its first emperor, Chin? Would the British have won Quebec in the eighteenth century without the tenacity and devotion to duty of General John Wolfe? New facts, often from indigenous sources, have emerged to add to our understanding of these crucial events and these, together with the latest historical research and documented first-hand accounts, bring each turning point vividly to life.

Exclusive dramatizations carried out at the actual sites of the events, History's Turning Points provides a fascinating and intriguing new perspective on the significant moments that have changed the world.

English Subtitled for the Hearing Impaired.


UPC 739815002625

Programs in This Series
  • Disk 1

  • Disk 2

  • Disk 3

  • Disk 4

  • Disk 5

Clip Length: 2 minutes 23 seconds