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Welcome to Ambrose Digital's New Website

We are beginning a transition to our new streaming video website and we want you involved and aware of the critical steps in this journey.

In a market of ever-changing technology, we have taken what we have learned over a decade of video streaming and created a new, more robust website using Amazon Web Services.  Amazon brings better security, better sound and color, plus greater flexibility with our clips and interviews. Existing accounts are being migrated to our new website, hosted by Amazon Web Services
This journey will take several months. Perhaps a glitch or two!! The look of our Home page will improve as we move along and some of the features will also be upgraded as we get more user feedback. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and recommendations.

Our company is dedicated to the best in content. This journey is to ensure we have the best streaming video platform!

What you need to know:

Your Username:    Your User Name is the same as on our previous website, and is using the email address to which this email was sent.
Your Password:    You must choose a new password for the new site.
Video Links:         •    Ambrose Permalinks: Video links that begin with remain unchanged.
                           •    Legacy IRIS/DMA Direct Links: Video links that begin with will be discontinued on August 19th, 2016. Since the    introduction of Permalinks 4 years ago, we have continued to support these legacy links for the convenience of some customers, but hosting with Amazon Web Services makes this continued courtesy impossible in the future.
Access your videos:   Logging in takes you to the My Account Page, and on the left are links to your Account Tools.

Screening Room - 3 ways to find videos and see the Previews, in-depth details and pricing information:

Explore Titles:    Show our Titles in List or Grid view, providing various degrees of details that may be searched and filtered with additional Search Tools.
List Titles:          If you are familiar with our catalog of videos, this page will list our Titles alphabetically with a direct link to the details and pricing information.
Catalog Search: Advanced searching capabilites that check deeper into the catalog details, locating titles that may not otherwise appear in results of other search areas.

Account Tools - An extensive set of tools to manage your account

Licensed Titles:  Easier access to your collection of Licensed Videos. See the permalinks to use them, when they will expire, as well as access to the Image Gallery containing hundreds of screenshots from each program.
IP Addresses & Authentication:    Easier IP range editing for your users to be authenticated with, as well as the ability to customize the links for Proxy Server use. We've eliminated the need to specify your Proxy Server name, so access to videos is much, much quicker. Additionally, some customers experience security issues with RTMP streaming, so you can now choose to use HTML5 streaming by default.
Instructors:    Authorized instructors can be added to your account with their own access code. With that, the instructors may create Custom Clips that they may use or embed in their classes just like any other video on the site.
Usage/Statistics:    Statistics are now recorded in realtime instead of complicated overnight processing. This important improvement means that your statistics are now current and accurate to the second. At-A-Glance statistics have been vastly improved with preset dates, charts, and cleaner output in general. A collection of reports are now available that have been designed to be COUNTER compatible.
Student Support:   You may now specify where and how your students seek support while watching the video. Of course, technical support remains in place, but many, many questions pertain to the class or assignment or other aspects of your institution. These questions, of course, cannot be answered by our engineers, so this feature eliminates the delay of finding the right person to answer their question.
HTML Widgets:    Many customers have requested the ability to include a Carousel/Slidehow of their licensed titles. There are now 4 widgets that provide this ability, including: Your Titles, New Titles, Random Titles, and Featured Titles. The widgets are standard HTML code that can easily be included on any website requiring only basic HTML knowledge.
Open API:    This powerful new tool gives you full access to your Orders and Licened Videos without the need to use our website. Using your own secret API Key to authenticate, you can access all these particulars in a variety of formats including CSV, XML, Text, and HTML for use in nearly any 3rd party software.

Video Player Page - More features and resources while watching videos, include Caption Searching

Caption Search:    Search the closed captions for words or phrases, go directly to that section of the video
Flexible Student Support:    You can specify where student users are directed for institution related support questions about classes, instructors and other non-technical matters
Custom Clips:    Each authorized instructor can create and save and/or share custom video clips
Citations    Eight citation styles are available for all programs and chapters
Downloadables:    Documents include user guides, timelines, historical documents, maps, models, quizzes, etc.
Image Gallery:    Next to the Play icon you will find a picture gallery with images from the series